With a powerful presence in four markets and in almost all beverage categories, PPD Global is recognized as one of the leading beverage distributors in South Eastern Europe.

PPD Global Partnership with Monin extended to Romania
PPD global-decade-2021
PPD Global launches its first e-commerce business with Drinks.hr in Croatia.
PPD global-decade-2021
PPD Global enters the coffee segment for the first time by partnering with illy in Croatia.
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PPD global-decade-2020
PPD Global partners with Fever Tree for the Cyprus market and enters the new and exciting category of premium Tonic.
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PPD Global continues to grow by becoming the exclusive distributor of Proximo Spirits and Illva Saronno for all PPD Global markets.
PPD global-decade-2013
PPD Global establishes its subsidiary in Slovenia, which is now the exclusive distributor of Diageo, Gruppo Campari, Ilva Saronno, as well as PPD Global’s own brands.
PPD Global becomes the exclusive distributor of Gruppo Campari in Croatia, a relationship which has since expanded to all PPD Global markets.
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PPD global-decade-2011
PPD Global establishes its subsidiary in Croatia, which has now grown into the leading distributor of premium international spirits on the Croatian market with the brands of Diageo, Gruppo Campari, illy, Illva Saronno, Monin, Proximo, Henkell, and PPD Global’s own brands.
PPD Global begins its geographical expansion. The company establishes its presence in Romania, and is now the leading distributor of premium beverages in the country. PPD Global’s partners in Romania include global leaders like Diageo, Gruppo Campari, Ilva Saronno, San Pellegrino, Monin, and Proximo, alongside PPD Global's own, very successful brands.
PPD Global creates the Kyperounda Winery, which revolutionized vine growing and wine making in Cyprus, becoming the most awarded winery on the island today.
PPD global-decade-2002
While continuing strong organic growth, PPD Global immensely enriches its portfolio of premium brands by becoming the exclusive distributor of Moët Hennessy, Cuervo, KEAN, Shark, Boutari and other premium brands for the Cyprus market.
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PPD global-brands
PPD global-brands
PPD global-brands
PPD global-brands
After a lengthy and stringent evaluation process among Cyprus’s leading beverage distributors, PPD Global wins the exclusive distributorship of the newly formed, global leader in spirits and beer “Diageo”. This achievement marks the beginning of PPD Global’s incredible growth journey.
PPD Global is created. With the vision of expanding into new beverage categories and new brands, PPD Global enters an agreement to take over the Marketing, Sales and Distribution functions of Photos Photiades Breweries for all brands produced by PPB at that time (Carlsberg beer, Montano water, ENA juices). The founder of Photos Photiades Group, Mr Photos Photiades, assigns Alexis Photiades to lead the creation of this new company. Operations begin in January 1998.