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Logistics Officer Cyprus Brand Manager Cyprus Brand Manager Romania On Trade Customer Marketing Assistant Romania Digital Media Manager Romania

Our Values

Hunger for growth
We are a results-driven organisation that constantly strives for self-improvement. We have created a dynamic work environment that enables adaptability and negotiation, all the while fostering creativity and continuous innovation.
People first
Our people are our most valuable asset. Our work environment thrives on honest teamwork and communication, for a more streamlined workflow and better results. We constantly help our people develop their skills and promote a service-oriented mindset, based on inspired leadership and meritocracy.
Confidence with awareness
We are all achievers with many victories under our belt. Yet at the same time we remain faithful to our principles of integrity and proactive decision-making, to help us maintain our leading position. Constantly cultivating know-how, analytical thinking, and a strategic approach helps us move forward with confidence.

We are a leading distributor in Southeastern and Central Europe

PPD global-We are a leading distributor in Southeastern and Central Europe