PPD Global enters e-commerce through the innovative Drinks.hr platform

PPD global-PPD Global enters e-commerce through the innovative Drinks.hr platform

Focusing on the rapidly growing digital transformation, our company has invested, through its Croatian subsidiary, in creating a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform – Drinks.hr, expanding its e-commerce activities.

Drinks.hr is not only a new sub-channel of sales. It is also a new innovative Group’s brand, as it has its own identity and vision, while it operates in a very competitive and ever evolving digital environment. Through Drinks.hr, PPD Global covers both sectors of operation – B2B and B2C. This development requires immediate adjustments, flexibility and even more customer – oriented approach with a unique experience and 24-hour service.

Regarding the platform design and creation, two implementation phases were defined. In the first phase, the Drink.hr included only coffee category products. After a 5-month experience, the second phase featured the completed portfolio of the company. The official start date of the project was on March 1, 2021, while in November of the same year it went live for the first time. The second phase ran within a short time and specifically on April 8, 2022 with more than 140 SKU.

The successful implementation of Drinks.hr is a result of a high professionalism and team spirit collaboration between a large number of people of our Group from different Departments and Companies such as Customer Marketing, Finance, Business Systems, SCM, Sales, Customer Service, MIS and external consultants.

The Drinks.hr platform provides to the consumer a comfortable navigation with safety and reliability, and a wide range of options in leading brands. It also offers a large collection of educational mixology films, which becomes even more exciting through its technical simplicity, as it allows visitors to add to their shopping cart all the necessary products for each cocktail.


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